I’ve been extremely lucky to work closely with the IGNITE team to help them design these incredible lures. It’s interesting actually being asked questions like…

“What does this lure need to do? How does it need to look? What colours will work best?”

Usually as an angler we just buy lures and use them as is and I always wonder how much consultations goes into finding out what would work for our native species. Are the designers actually Murray Cod anglers, do they fish?

I think a lot of the time the answers would be no… a large majority of the lures we use to target big cod these days are designed in countries like America, Canada and Japan for their local species. Luckily there are some similarities between fish like Pike and Bass with our icon the Murray Cod.

But… it means they aren’t perfect, so when we were asked to provide feedback on a large soft plastic that was being designed specifically for Murray Cod, we took it as a great opportunity. A chance to help get a great lure in the hands of Aussies!

Perfect for Giant Cod

So… do they work on cod… oath they do! These plastics are by far my go to when it comes to chasing monster cod in large impoundments like Blowering Dam.

They are easy to fish, can be worked at any depth and they are simple with a cast and wind technique. The lure works all the way back to the boat and you can rig them how you want.

Now they aren’t always the answer (and no lure ever is). If you’re fishing in heavy timber i’d prefer to use a spinnerbait because it is designed to ride through the timber without snagging. When it comes to rivers, these lures are much too large… but if you’re after that metre plus cod from your local dam – these need to become your go to as well!

Rhys Creed
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