There are so many lures already on the market, especially in the freshwater scene… so why did we decide to join the race?

We have joined the race of lures… but what has been missing for a long time is high quality and affordability in one. The price of lures is ever increasing and some lures cost more than the rod you use to cast them.

This isn’t fair for Aussie freshwater anglers…

The Birth of IGNITE

The concept of the COD FURY is where IGNITE started. This design is one we are proud of as it meets to needs of anglers who are chasing trophy fish in our large lakes and dams.

Soft plastics are one of the most versatile lure for Murray Cod. They are realistic, they feel real and they can be customised to fish in all depths of water. You can also rig them however you like to suit your exact situation… your limits are endless.

That being said we designed this lure to allow for easy adaptations. It comes with the capabilities to be rigged line thru with a BKK treble and removable internal weight. If this doesn’t suit your waterway or where you want to fish, then go ahead and rig them how you like.

The Social Fishing team have designed an extremely successful way to rig the COD FURY 220 and you can watch their tutorial video here: Rigging Big Soft Plastics for Murray Cod

Where to Now

In the near future we aim to release smaller versions of the COD FURY for targeting smaller fish and also for use in rivers, we are excited to release these models in the near future.

We would also love to bring out a range of highly affordable and quality lures to help you catch more fish. If you have an issue with the lures you’re using or would like to see something different, please let us know by send us an email.


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